Unraveling the Complexity of Weight Loss

Unraveling the Complexity of Weight LossAt Cross Roads Hormonal Health and Wellness, I would say one of the biggest complaints we hear is WEIGHT GAIN. As we learn more about ourselves and science learns more about how the body works, we have more information now than we did 50 years ago about weight loss. So I thought I would put together a quick collection of things to consider when you are trying to lose weight.

Calories in / Calories out

This is pretty much what we are all taught. If you want to lose weight, eat less calories than you burn during the course of the day. If you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise. Seems easy. Seems straightforward. And if works for you, awesome! You are one of the lucky ones. I find as time goes by and as people age, this groups is getting smaller and smaller.

Thyroid Issues

When the calories in/calories out model doesn’t work, everyone assumes, “it must be my thyroid”. So they go to their doctor and ask to have their thyroid checked. Most PCP’s will only check a TSH level, which is a single pituitary hormone, not an actual thyroid hormone. If a full thyroid panel, that consist of several tests, is not checked, many people may have a thyroid issue that goes undiagnosed. In our clinic we start thyroid testing (start!). Our thyroid panel has 6 different tests. We may order further thyroid testing, if needed. If you do have a thyroid issue that is now addressed, you may begin to see further weight loss – great! But, let’s say this step doesn’t work for you either. What next?


In the past 10 years hormones have received more press making people open to having their hormone levels checked and more willing to utilize supplements or replacements for these hormones. There is so much research and so much information that getting online and “doing my own research” can be overwhelming.

In our clinic, out of the 4 providers in our practice, we have attended every hormone conference/course that is offered in the United States. We are passionate about hormones and know how to optimize them – for both men and women. Once hormones are addressed this may be the point where you begin to lose weight which is great! So let’s say you’ve done all the work listed above and still no weight loss. Is there a next? Yes!

Systemic Inflammation

I became really passionate about systemic inflammation as I got older and my own health declined. It’s a hard thing to talk about and describe – what is inflammation? Where is it in my body? Why is it there? How did I get it? This is where getting your blood work done and talking to a professional is key. This can be hard to figure out on your own. Should I be gluten free or dairy free or keto? Is just cutting out sugar enough? Which diet is best? Is there a pill that I can take for my inflammation that will help me lose weight? (Yes there is!) But again, I will re-iterate, if you are at this stage in the game – you should really make an appointment. This category is a big bag full of possible diagnoses that could be leading to your weight issue. So let’s say you come in and together we figure this out. You get on the perfect diet for you, you are STILL doing all of the other stuff that I’ve already mentioned – and no weight loss! What could possibly be left?

Gut Microbiome

This is relatively new research, but there is good information available online. There are many studies that prove there is a portion of your weight that is pre-determined by the bacterial balance of your gut. (crazy!) Not only that, but that balance changes as a person ages and that balance changes when hormones change! There is now research showing that one of the reasons gastric bypass surgery works is because it changes the bacterial balance of your gut. Again, this is not something that a person easily figures out on their own. You need a guide, and that is what we do!

If any of you are struggling with your weight and nothing that you do seems to make a difference, please reach out to us at Cross Roads Hormonal Health and Wellness. We are very passionate about helping our patients be the healthy people they want to be!
-Olga L. Cortez MD

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