How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Your Weight Loss Efforts

Do you find it overwhelming and downright frustrating to lose weight? You’re not alone. So-called “proven” diet trends come and go, all the while making outrageous claims of pounds lost. You give up carbs, nosh like a caveman, count your calories, and, even if you do drop the weight, it seems to come back with a vengeance once you resume a more typical lifestyle.

If you’re eating a healthy diet, watching your portions, and walking past the dessert bar more often than not, the odds are your metabolism is thwarting your weight loss efforts. Age, a sedentary lifestyle, and yo-yo dieting all impact your metabolism, but what’s at the very core of making your body burn away those calories from that spaghetti dinner? And what can be done to turn up your metabolism and boost your weight loss?

The hormone connection

It’s hard to overstate how much control hormones have over what goes on with your body. Your growth and development, fertility, immune system, cardiovascular system, and even your behavior all rely on these chemical messengers to keep things running in good order. Your ability to metabolize food for fuel is directly connected to your hormones.

Two of the primary hormones that regulate things like cravings and metabolism are estrogen and progesterone. When one or both levels fall, you will not only have a difficult time losing weight, but you will see your weight increase, despite your best efforts. Adjusting your hormones to the proper levels is necessary to prevent additional weight gain and improve your ability to lose weight.

Beginning at around age 30, your body curtails how much of certain growth hormones it produces. At about 40, women’s production of estrogen begins to slow down, as does progesterone, and in men, testosterone wanes.

This decrease in hormones interferes significantly with your body’s ability to lose weight. You have less energy, which may cut into motivation when it comes to exercise. Your metabolism slows to a crawl, your fat-burning muscle mass decreases, and you’ll notice an increase in abdominal fat.

Hormonal imbalance can leave you feeling unmotivated

Out-of-whack hormones affect you in so many ways. Aside from a lack of energy and a slowed metabolism, you may also feel depressed and irritable, and experience some serious food cravings. Think about it: If you’re cranky, tired, depressed, and want nothing to eat but chocolate bars and potato chips, you might have a tough time losing weight. And imbalanced hormones are at the core of this struggle.

Hormone replacement therapy can help you balance your teeter-tottering hormones and reclaim control of your life. Bioidentical hormones, which are made from plant sources, offer a safe and natural solution to restore this hormonal balance.

Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you’ll begin to feel as you should: vibrant, energetic, calm and healthy. And you’ll likely begin to see a payoff for all of your weight loss efforts.

The benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement

Managing your hormone imbalance with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy benefits you in so many ways: from restoring your libido, to giving you back that energy you once had, and helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

However, every case is unique and you’ll need a full assessment before we can customize the right formula to restore balance. Many factors can come into play when it comes to trying to lose weight — and if you succeed, to keeping those pounds from coming back.

If you’ve tried a thoughtful, focused approach to lose weight and find that those stubborn pounds just won’t budge, you may be the ideal candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Contact Cross Roads Hormonal Health & Wellness today. We’re located in Cross Roads, Texas, and proudly serve the region, including Denton, and Frisco.

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